Happy Easter!!

The Christian world today rejoices in that Christ the Saviour overcame death and rose from the dead.

My prayer is that through the risen Christ the world will come to know and love him.

Prayers must today also be remembered today for our friends and families. But also the situation in the middle East and mercy for the souls killed in Africa and the conversion of Muslim infidels


Wellingtons Non Catholic Archbishop

The Wellington so called Catholic Archbishop of Wellington John Dew has arrived back from the synod on the family in Rome.
His non grace has arrived back saying he wants to change the teaching of the Catholic Church with regards to Marriage. He has firmly told us that he is not a Catholic.
This is the first post on this blog. I have started it in response to the attacks on the faith in the works but I will help defend it in my little corner here in Wellington New Zealand. I shall remain anonymous due to the nature of my work and also to avoid any future reprisals that may occur due to comments on this. The Catholic Church that I love is under attack from within and the militant church needs to rise up and fight.
God Bless and Our Lady love you
Vaticano 83